Saturday, 26 November 2011

meister eckhart sermon  15 

basically he says that if you're on the right track, something that seems a total waste of time like me posting on the hardcore zen blog, things shift and since there is some base guiding by infinity, you have worked through something to get to a better spot so in reality it wasn't a waste of time, but really a learning experiece you have to go through to get to a new level of understanding so to speak !

in the case of the hardcorezen blog thats seeing the utter rigidity of adults, the engraving of futilestupidity by zazen, how root situations cannot changed and religion is utterly and penally INSANE !

re that video, don't look at the pictures while listening to the sermon, tho they are interesting to go through and look at separately, they disrupt the sense of the sermon if looked at the same time, the speaking part has no music, but i quite liked the symphony no. 8, op. 124 by malcom arnold !

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