Wednesday, 25 March 2015

gesshin is enlightened ! :o)


  1. That's it, that's all? That's what it's all about? I see!

    Fuck men, I've been thinking a lot lately about stuff. Here's some of what...

    1. I have a Facebook account and I'm just getting sick of it. The endless sharing, posting, and commenting of endless bullshit. I've had a few accounts, I delete but I always come back. I think I was or am trapped between wanting to fit in with the bullshit and yack away or be alone... just not use Facebook to pass the time. I spend far too much time on it. I think I'll leave it alone and check in once in awhile. But knowing me I'll just slink back there with the rest... hopefully not though!

    2. The Gesshin post reminded me of Louis Brawley. He's a good writer and he hung out with UG Krishnamurti during his last 5 years of life. He has two blogs with some great posts. One's at and the other is

    UG Krishnamurti, I used to listen to him a lot. Read his books, watch videos on YouTube. He kept saying the same shit though and it finally got through my head, I think! Took me awhile to figure that out.

    I think I only read or listen to anything or anyone else is because I myself don't know what to do. Since I don't know what to do I'll look around elsewhere. But in the end I must think and figure out things for myself...

    My problem is that I'm worried about doing things the wrong way and so I won't do anything at all. I'll look for the correct way of doing things, if I can't find it then I'll keep looking. If still I can't find then I'll just freeze and do nothing. And if I do find out then perhaps I won't even do it. I'll keep looking at the correct of doing something and think "this is the right way" but I won't do it and I'll beat myself up over it.

    All these ways always... too much ways? These ways paralyze me.

    I think this post was mainly bullshit with a little good maybe, I don't know.

    I was gonna post this on my blog but I wanted you guys to check out Louis Brawley.


    1. thanx for the louis brawley links, he is interesting !

      you want to look a bit more deeply at some of these people, the real conclusions are abit startling !

      ug is a bit like charles bukowski i feel, in some way they miss the real point which is that space that gesshin describes so well !

      i notice ramana also says that, it was the mountain that taught him and not people .

      louis brawley had a skill and income from that and it gave him a lot of freedom, more freedom than ug krishnamurti who was constantly cadging money and lodgings, not a happy state of affairs ! .

      infinity is the touchstone against which right and wrong is measured and not the flawed reference needles of people !

      it's a lifetime's work to follow that through

      if you follow gesshin's blog, she is having trouble accepting her own profound insight and disentangling herself from all the zen bullshit, but it is s l o w l y h a p p e n i n g . .

    2. "Switzerland is considered a paradise on earth, God’s own chosen land. Gstaad area in particular is wonderful for its natural splendor. Among the Alps Mountains there are a number of valleys and Oberland is one of them. It is also called Saanen Oberland. There are myriad varieties of tall trees all around. In every direction there are green lawns like silk carpets. All the valleys are covered with green in the summertime. There are seven mountains, all covered with snow in the wintertime. In the valleys there are small lakes and running streams.

      Everyday in the morning and evening, U.G. went for walks and enjoyed the natural pulchritude.

      One day, U.G. started to walk in the morning, watching the surrounding nature. Every minute the scenery was changing. On the other side in the Saanen valley, the sun could be seen faintly behind the fog. The towering treetops in the sky appeared like green clouds. The entire valley was bright green. After a few minutes the scene changed and
      on top of the mountain peaks, white clouds appeared, hanging like curtains. Fog began to move over the streams in the valley. There was a fine rain on one side, while on the other there was bright sunshine without a drop of rain. In the east, there were sun rays
      and in the west there was a rainbow. After a few moments the rain stopped and the colors in the rainbow faded out one after another.

      U.G. walked along and noticed a variety of birds in rows in the sky, one row of birds following another. He walked further. On his left side there was a fast running river that flowed down the hills through the valley. There were large purple patches of heather. And there was a little wood of birch and fir scrambled upon the slope. High above the crags there was silver birch. These trees grew at great heights, above all other trees. Some of the mountain peaks were hidden by perpetual snow.

      All of a sudden the weather changed; the air became full of swirling flakes of snow. The sky grew grey and laden with snow about to fall. Every mountain peak across the valley stood out like glistening marble and crystal, dazzling white in the golden sunlight beneath a cloudless sky of deep blue.

      U.G. was completely immersed in that atmosphere and almost forgot from which direction he came there; it seemed as if there were no directions in that nature. Time appeared to stand still and every moment seemed infinite. Here, there was ineffable bliss pervading, and man and nature had fused into one.

      U.G. roamed on the infinite breast of Mother Nature in the Saanen area. He did not know how long he was there. He turned around towards the chalet along the path which appeared like a green carpet. Suddenly there was a shower, and a rainbow appeared in the sky. The fine rain drops appeared like pearls and after a few moments the shower had stopped. The sun slowly poured brightly across the valley, gilding the
      mountain peeks and painting the valley in a score of colors.

      U.G. was completely soaked by the time he reached his chalet. Valentine was looking out for him anxiously. She asked, ‘U.G., where you have been? ’‘While sauntering in these beautiful surroundings here I forgot everything. Had I not felt hungry, perhaps I would have roamed further,’ replied U.G. with a soft smile."

      This is taken from 'The Seed Beneath the Volcano', a dramatized biography of UG Krishnamurti. It can be found at:

      Also in one talk he says something about the running of a motor will help you, not the teachings of the gurus, not the teachings of the holy men, not the spiritual techniques of enlightenment.

      In another he says something about the noise that a coffee pot makes will be far more useful or helpful then what will come out of the discussion they're about to have.

    3. i have seen photos of those swiss mountain areas in summer, they are certainly beautiful !

    4. That bliss only exists in the imagination. Reality itself is malignant.

    5. Even though the recursion of reality is not cut off from the recursion of imagination, bliss is only possible with disconformity between the imagination and reality. Reality, itself, is brutal: a never-ending cycle of eat or be eaten, something not worthy of love but only destruction. Hope lies in breaking the imagination off from reality's malevolent deconstruction of all that is held dear, but this hope is infantile and flawed, making reality something we must cope with as it devours and spits us out - mocking us... everything bleeds in fractal complexity and this trickling of blood gives rise to the trees, oceans, and myriad of forms, as all beings mourn in its cold machinations and indifferent puppet dances.

    6. The real mystic does not ignore the sight of the carcass in the view of the so-called beautiful waterfall. He does not disacknowledge the macabre dance of Mothernature and her Kali-like smile. I cannot come to love this world in full, for I do not see how the flesh or workings of nature are beautiful. It is a decadent process as the cat plays with its prey, but I love the cat yet not its callous actions.

      Man too plays and kills each other.

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    8. What I'm saying can be summarized easily: I prefer Gnosticism (e.g., stuff like Catharism and Manichaeism) over idyllic, infantile Zen/Ch'an and Sufism.

    9. What do you think about the esoteric/occult sciences? Specifically about the body and it's functioning. I've been reading a book comparing the anatomy of man and the stories of the bible, saying that the people and places in the bible corresponds to specific glands and functions in the human system.

      It's pretty neat. I'm using the information gathered in it and reading some gnostic stories. I'm not sure how accurate it is in terms of the anatomy.

      If you're interested in reading the book it can be found at:

      And here's one of the gnostic stories:

    10. sepher/zephyr,

      what decides which account you post under?

    11. And I agree with you, it's impossible to be entirely blissful.

      Also this might interest you too, I think it relates to what you just said.

    12. Jon, I'm writing a play that gets into this. I don't want to unveil anymore because I'm afraid my ideas may be borrowed or plagiarized. I'm going to publish it and have people act it out. I'll give the link once it is published or recorded on the set...

    13. jon , u write

      "I've been reading a book comparing the anatomy of man and the stories of the bible, saying that the people and places in the bible corresponds to specific glands and functions in the human system"

      even in allegory, it's hard to see, given the way the bible was constructed how that could be the case ! ?

      however it is entirely reasonable that michelangelo's sistene chapel fresco painting "the creation of adam" uses an anatomical map of the brain as it's schema !

      michelangleo was a genius, most of the men who wrote the bible were retards !

      ezekiel isaiah jeremiah, jesus son of sirach, judith, maccabees and whoever wrote ecclesiastes, proverbs, and the wisdom and song of solomon are all shining angels of intelligence, thought and real work, but the rest are mostly morons writing for morons !

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    15. "Christianity was just a Persian invention"

      really ? why not research it instead of doing the usual reddit zen or hardcore zen blog definitive bullshit statement !

      your problem is lack of attention to detail and a discarding of the real complexity of historical phenomena !

      you are stuck at the level of hardcore zen blog stupidity because you don't go the extra 1000 miles to start to get to grips with what are very complex phenomena !

    16. I know Persian history kinda well.

      St. Paul had strong Zoroastrian influence. The influence was undeniable.

      Saoshyant = Jesus as Savior

      Frashokereti = Day of Judgment

      St. Augustine also had debates with Manichaeists, and he made the doctrine of Original Sin in response to that.

      Also, I think Islam was a Pan-Arabist creation based off Assyrian military tactics and a butchered interpretation of Nestorian Christianity.

    17. look at this video of dr. richard carrier who actually has done real research

      you won't do any real personal deconstructive work and are just engaged in building various neo religious schema !

      what you stated is that the origins of christianity are persian, well some are but that's not the whole picture by a long way !

      i think at this point you are veering to far into this paradigm building, which you are not even doing well . .

      i really am on the point of asking you to leave for a while, nothing personal, it's just you are to draining and this only seems to be growing, just have a think as to what i am saying . .

      you are not listening to what i am saying, your interests in what the purpose of this is about are different and i am really finding it all too wearing !

      so at this point i am proposing you stop posting for about six months and see how you feel about what direction you are interested in going then !

      just be honest about your real interests and what that entails (i think you are on the right track with writing that script and having it performed), but pardon me if i just cannot afford the wear and tear you occasion !

    18. I was talking about the origins. The origins of Christianity are Persian, not Judaic, in spirit.

      You know how Buddhists debated Jains, Carvakans, Hindus, and so forth to find their voice?

      Well the same is true for Zoroastrians, Christians, Manichaiests, and perhaps some other stuff.

      Zoroastrians persecuted Christians a lot btw during Sassanian times, but they stopped after one of the kings gave some reforms.

      Will you read my play after I finish it in 2-3 months btw?

    19. And yeah, there are a lot of Zoroastrian influence in Judaism's mysticism like Kabbalah...Look up "Zoroaster's telescope".

      Those powerhungry Zoroastrian asshole magis were too busy with their magick rituals and bullshit.

      Honestly, only Zurvanism (a branch of Zoroastrianism) and Manichaeism were interesting.

    20. you haven't addressed what i am saying let alone look at that richard carrier video, at this point i am asking you to stop posting here for six months which is the beginning of october if you are interested in posting again !

      yeah email me the play if you want comments !

    21. Yes, I was responding to what he was saying at 5:30 to to 10:00.

      "Judeo-Christianity is from Iran"

      He also mentioned Zoroastrian influence in Judaism, such as Kaballah mysticism.

    22. christianity has other strong influences besides zoroastrianism, particularly osiris and egyptian and actually the roman empire . .

      you are on some uber-iranian kick as a "mono answer"

      as i said you are going in an different direction with to what this blog is about with agenda-ed neo religious panaroma's

      you have become noticeably more schizophrenic in recent months . .

      maybe that's the way you always were, just this lack of ongoing reality testing . .

      my reality testing says i cannot afford the time to continually straighten out comments that are always veering off

      so the board is remaining closed to comments, have fun on the hardcore zen blog or whatever !

    23. Zoroastrianism and other Iranian religions were a rip-off of Vedic religions and ancient Elamite beliefs. It's an iteration, afterall.

      Christianity is mainly Zoroastrianism given the strong monotheism and moral dualism, and the parallels with Saoshyant and Frashokereti . There is of course some Pagan influences in Christianity too.

      What makes you think I adopted a mono-answer?

    24. The Proto-Elamites were very similar to Egyptians btw:

    25. "The Proto-Elamite city of Susa was founded around 4000 BC in the watershed of the river Karun. It is considered to be the site of Proto-Elamite cultural formation. During its early history, it fluctuated between submission to Mesopotamian and Elamite power. "

      You can trace practically all major religions to Historical Vedic religions and Proto-Elamites. So what? It just means all religions are inextricably tied to a process of historical development.

      That doesn't say anything about whether the metaphysical beliefs are true or not within themselves or whatever.

    26. I find the whole light and dark duality thing stupid on both the Chinese (who historically view dark as being motherly - like a womb to relax in and light as being piercing and about strength/valor) and Persian/Europa side (who view dark as synonymous for evil and light for purity and good) . I have created a better system that my play gets into, and I look forward to you reading it considering it has some influence from Derrida and reading this site.


    27. sepehr, i am not interested in introducing realistic complexity into your oversimplified views !

    28. I acknowledge how all religions are inextricably tied to each other and influence one another. For example, the Mithraic Mysteries of Rome was a Roman invention heavily influenced by Zoroastrianism.

      But I don't get why any of this history is important.

      My play will get into something no religion has really ever truly analyzed or something.

    29. you mean this ?

      you basically reject the deconstructive work necessary that this blog is about . .

      i really can't afford the time that this neo religious jag you are on requires to deal with it . .

      i suppose i don't have to reply do i, do a brad warner, seems to sort of work for him . . .

    30. yeah my play has stuff like that... what are you referring to or implicating? You said my last short play was good, but this one will be better. You even said I have talent.

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    Sorry for caps.

    My post has some joking in it too and some seriousness.

    Please don't get upset!


    1. jon, i'm not here to do the work for you, you all want to be spoon fed, why should i waste my time spoon feeding you and sepehr ! ?

      your ug in switzerland post was really good and i checked out the link in that, the post after about esoteric/occult sciences was toxic and i skipped the links, your problem to sort out, i am going to be taking a leaf out of brad warners book and the way he handles blogs and just not replying to alot of stuff i can't be bothered with !

  5. My play will wow you though, an3drew.

    It will induce kensho.