Monday, 10 November 2014

mysterious permeation


  1. Is that "the mysterious irradiance permeating the entire universe" One Mind ?

    1. the way zen uses "one mind" is a bit garbled, what I wrote is "ungarbled" ! :o)(

    2. But if one says the One Mind is the mysterious irradiance permeating the entire universe is that ungarbled? Also, is it possible to experience the mysterior irradiance itself all at once or so (aka enlightenment/infinity)?

    3. really I feel that your whole reply is garbled, r u able to get any contemplative time in ?

      look what happened to zakaj who didn't put the time in and is now on a "born again" bender !

    4. here's something i wrote recently

      "Han Shan's Smile"

      After a tough day of work and pressure, walk outside in the decadent city. The skyscrapers seemed perfect for a noose, and the memories of the lab rats' eyes haunted me. I was threatened to lose my job on account of "skipping steps" in lab procedure carelessly.

      Walking with pain and torment, I see a flock of birds in a bush and trees. So many and look so happy. I wanted to shoot myself to be feed for such birds, and possibly be reborn as them.

      One homeless asked for a cigarette, and another from afar joyfully jumped with glee to ask. He was special because he had Han Shan's smile.

      All of a sudden, I did not want to die and offered him food. We walked to a McDonald's and along the way he gave one hope with his energy and light.

      If Han Shan's smile is possible anymore, then I will not die. I will just do my best and not succumb to fear, greed, hatred, and delusion. I will just look for Han Shan's smile, for our One Mind is no different from it. No need to seek it but be OF IT!

      Amitabha, Amitabha, Amitabha

      I told him I wanted to kill myself, but he said to not lose my light or the will to live.

    5. some viruses can make for quite severe depression for a day or two !

      copper sebacate, vit k2, iodine and the dual seleniums really help with depression, tho the seleniums may not be so important in the usa with your high soil selenium in some areas !

      the homeless are tougher than you and I, neither of us would last long going that way ! :o()

      supplementation takes several years to fine tune to get right, that's where your attention should be !

    6. zephyr have a good look at this and have a think ! :o)(

      “ excessive guilt has consistently been a predictor of depression

      and a major outcome related to being depressed ”

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